“Children don’t come with an instruction manual…but if they did, Parenting for Success! would be the chapter dedicated to helping me understanding my child’s behaviors!”  

Have you ever wished for an all-inclusive Parenting Manual that contains answers to every question/challenge that you face each day as a parent?

Unfortunately this mythical book containing the perfect solution for every problem does not exist. Instead, real-life parenting is an imperfect journey that you often have to navigate on the fly...and sometimes under very difficult conditions. 

The good news is that Parenting For Success! is your resource for what would be the main chapter on behavior! This parent-friendly program will help you navigate some of those difficult conditions using the same fundamental principles applied by the best behavior/family experts in the field. These practical, research-based strategies will provide you with the keys to improve behaviors and make the time spent with your children more enjoyable!

"The class has changed my life. It has honestly changed the way I see situations...I simply cannot tell you the difference it has made for both of us."
     Kimberly W. - Parent

Your Path To A More Peaceful Home Starts Here: Identifying A Common Goal

Parents may often disagree on specific strategies when it comes to raising children, but their end-goals are generally the same. This excerpt from the course identifies the importance of shared goals to help get everyone reoriented and working together toward your child's long-term success.

"Thank you for the great workshop - exceptional! You are truly an inspiration for change. My husband was also completely moved by your presentation. Our year in therapy never generated this same level of desire for change - Thank you!!!!" 
     Client Name Withheld By Request

Providing Direction For Your Successful Journey

The complete two-part Parenting for Success! series offers a deep look at the fundamental scientific principles and strategies that not only improve behaviors, but also teach children valuable life-skills along the way. Dr. Brett Patterson carefully unites these well-established behavior principles with more than 20 years of direct clinical child/family experience. The result is a set of relatable and practical behavior support tools that will help you transform challenging behaviors and improve parent-child/teacher-student relationships. These Parenting For Success! tools include:

  • A comprehensive framework for understanding your child’s behavioral language
  • Multi-level strategies to minimize difficult behaviors and set your child up for success
  • Mindful interventions that teach your child important life skills
  • An improved sense of preparedness and confidence for managing behavioral challenges
  • An overall roadmap for making time with your children/students less stressful and more enjoyable!

Setting Your Child Up For Success Using Clearly Defined "Roadmaps"

In the "Communication-Based Interventions" section, Dr. Brett discusses strategies for improving behaviors through simple modifications in how we communicate directions and expectations.

"I don't have enough words to say 'Thank You.' I feel glad to be in your class and learned how to be a better mom. You helped me to find a window in a place that before I saw only a wall." 
     Martina C. - Parent

One "Must Have" Tool For Navigating Successful Behavior Plans

This critical, or "foundational," tool is one of several keys discussed in the course that parents and providers must possess in order to effectively implement positive change.

What Pediatricians and Family Providers Are Saying About "Parenting For Success!"

"Parenting for Success is a must for all parents! Mild or severe behavioral challenges this course provides the foundations for much of what behavioral intervention providers do during therapies. I have known Dr. Patterson for several years and I assure you he is the right professional to go to. He not only has more than 20 years experience, but also the knowledge to guide you through challenging behaviors. The course itself is of great quality and Dr. Patterson is an awesome presenter! This course will leave you with a strong base of knowledge on the “Why?” of behaviors and clear interventions that have proven to be effective. Stick with it and you will get results. I without a doubt would recommend this course to any parent!

Dr. Ray Lopez - Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician

Many years back I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Brett Patterson while working together in a network of agencies that I had put together for a company I was working for. We called upon the BEST agencies in the County to utilize their services, and Dr. Brett's agency was one of them. I was impressed by what he did and really got to appreciate and value what parenting courses can do for families. We always had amazing feedback from the families that worked with him.

And now he has launched his AMAZING parenting course online! It really is impactful and filled with evidenced-based research and practices. If you have been struggling with child behaviors, or would just like some more support, I definitely recommend joining this course!

Tanya Alvarenga - Certified Health Coach and Mental Health Advocate

"Years ago Brett was invited to speak to my faculty to help them shift from the position of power and control to the position of role-model and mentor… resulting in great success. (His) principles can be applied to any age group, from negotiating with a spouse, to planning a schedule with college students, to setting an agenda with young children and grandchildren." 

"The course is easy to use. The format is multi-sensory. Brett’s excellent take on the ABC’s of self-regulation will educate the parent, teacher, grandparent, (or any other stakeholder in that child’s life) to identify ways to be proactive instead of reactive."

"Finally, the joy of a virtual presentation is that you can listen again and again – as most of us need to when we are making shifts in our thinking."

"Parenting for Success!" Itinerary

  Welcome to Parenting for Success
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days after you enroll
  Section 1: What ARE Behaviors?
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  Section 2: Considerations For ADHD and Impulsive Behavior Patterns
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  Section 3: Triggers and Thresholds
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  Section 4: Mindful and Regulated Parenting
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  Section 5: Breaking Down the Components of Behavior Patterns
Available in days
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  Section 6: Improving Behaviors Using Communication-Based Interventions
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  Section 7: Functional Proactive Intervention Strategies
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  Parenting for Success! - Workbook
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This Is Your Ticket To Parenting With Greater Confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not really having any big problems with my child’s behaviors, but I still want to learn how to be more effective in my parenting style. Will this course help?

In my subtle and humble opinion, ABSOLUTELY! Think about parent education in the same way you might think about “continuing education” services for professionals. Even the most highly accomplished professionals recognize that there is always room for growth and improvement. Parenting for Success! offers this same kind of personal growth opportunity for anyone and everyone engaged in the most important (and difficult) jobs you will ever have…raising and teaching children!

Why is Parenting For Success! - Part 2 only available as part of the bundled package?

The Parenting For Success! series is considered a sequential curriculum...which is a fancy way of saying that each lesson continues to build and expand on the previous information. This means that the core principles discussed in Part 1 provide the critical foundation for the functional tools discussed in Part 2.

Is there a way I can sign up for just this course without taking Part 1 first?

In the same way that starting a book in the middle may leave you feeling lost or unsatisfied with the overall story...well, the same could be said about starting this course mid-stream. HOWEVER, we also recognize that some of you may already have enough context for "how the story begins" as a result of previous trainings, professional background, etc. If this applies to you, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to talk with you about making Part 2 available as a stand-alone course.

Sometimes I feel like my spouse and I are on very different pages when it comes to how we parent. Would you recommend that we take this course together? 

Many families (including grandparents and other caregivers) have shared that going through this course together helped provide them with a common philosophy, language and child/family goals that helped decrease conflict and move them toward being on the same page. Some have also suggested that family members who were previously resistant to seeking direct services for behavioral concerns responded favorably to the less-intensive format of an education-based service like Parenting for Success! 

We were referred to a behavior specialist for help with my child’s behaviors. Is this course a replacement for seeing a specialist?

First and foremost, if you have ANY concerns whatsoever about behaviors that could pose an immediate risk of danger to anyone, immediately call 911, visit the nearest hospital emergency department, and/or contact a local provider for immediate clinical care.

If there are no immediate concerns for safety but your child’s behaviors have resulted in a referral to a behavior specialist then this course may be a good place to start while waiting for your first appointment. 

Why would I take his course if I’m already planning to see a therapist regarding my child’s behaviors?

Parenting for Success! offers a comprehensive overview of the research-based practices that most behavioral therapists use when working with families to develop specific interventions. Many families have reported that the information they learned in this course allowed them “hit the ground running,” making the earlier stages of therapy notably more efficient.

Can you explain a little more about how Parenting for Success can help make other behavior therapies more efficient?

My clinical approach has always followed the “teach a person to fish” philosophy, which is to say that the treatment focus emphasizes independent problem-solving skills. An effective way to accomplish this is to spend an average of 5 sessions teaching a functional model that will help you be more self-sufficient addressing future behavior challenges. Parenting for Success! can save valuable time and money by teaching these principles without ever having to step into an office! It also allows parents to start applying many of the techniques and see positive change before their first behavior therapy session. Because the wheels of change are already moving in the right direction, many families end up requiring fewer treatment sessions…and some families have even found that the newly acquired problem solving strategies have allowed them to postpone behavior support therapy indefinitely.

Do you recommend therapy or coaching as part of your parent education programs?

Parenting for Success! is not intended to replace the clinical expertise and advice that is part of a prescribed therapeutic relationship with a licensed or certified professional.  All Behavior Compass Academy© courses are education-based programs designed to provide a framework and strategies to help navigate life's challenges. While they in no way replace direct clinical services, these courses can positively supplement the formal treatment process. For families who feel that additional, more tailored clinical support might be beneficial, I encourage them to seek and engage in formal therapeutic services.

Can I share the information from this course with my/our therapist or behavior coach?

Yes! Please feel free to share the course summary contained in the Parenting for Success! workbook or have them contact me directly for additional course information. I'm always happy to consult with other providers in support of your ongoing parenting journey!

How long will I be able to access the courses after purchase?

This depends on the course package you purchase, but ranges from one year to lifetime access.

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