The Behavior Compass© Academy offers parents and professionals opportunities to learn, practice and implement positive behavior intervention strategies that will benefit the entire system, whether it be at home, in the classroom or at the workplace. The various topics emphasize practical and proven strategies to make relationships less stressful and help nurture a more positive environment.

With more than 25 years of hands-on training and clinical experience, Dr. Patterson breaks down the behavioral theories in ways that are relatable and translated into techniques that participants can start implementing immediately.

Meet Dr. Brett

Dr. Brett is the owner of the clinical psychology practice Progressive Interventions and founder of the Behavior Compass Academy, an online behavior education resource for parents and caregivers. He has been providing behavior education for parents and educators (online and in-person trainings), behavior support coaching, and therapy-based interventions for families, adolescents and adults throughout Southern California since 2002. 

Signature Courses And Programs

Staying Cool When Behaviors Heat Up!

A FREE and powerfully informative webinar-style course discussing the importance of managing difficult emotions as part of every positive behavior support plan.

Parenting For Success!

Dr. Brett's signature 2-part series that offers a deep professional insight into a comprehensive problem-solving framework for transforming behaviors. This framework includes practical tools that, similar to a compass and map, can be used to provide direction each and every day to help make time with your children less stressful and more enjoyable!

What People Are Saying...

"Parenting for Success is a must for all parents! Mild or severe behavioral challenges this course provides the foundations for much of what behavioral intervention providers do during therapies. I have known Dr. Patterson for several years and I assure you he is the right professional to go to. He not only has more than 20 years experience, but also the knowledge to guide you through challenging behaviors. The course itself is of great quality and Dr. Patterson is an awesome presenter! This course will leave you with a strong base of knowledge on the “Why?” of behaviors and clear interventions that have proven to be effective. Stick with it and you will get results. I without a doubt would recommend this course to any parent!

Dr. Ray Lopez Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician

"I have long been a Dr. Brett groupie and probably have referred his services to parents at least once a month! The courses are easy to use. The format is multi-sensory. Finally, the joy of a virtual presentation is that you can listen again and again – as most of us need to when we are making shifts in our thinking."

Karen Lerner - Educational Therapist-AET ET/P, The College Blueprint

(Parenting for Success) is an AMAZING parenting course! It really is impactful and filled with evidenced-based research and practices. If you have been struggling with child behaviors, or would just like some more support, I definitely recommend joining this course!

Tanya Alvarenga - Certified Health Coach and Mental Health Advocate

"Thank you for the great workshop - exceptional! You are truly an inspiration for change. My husband was also completely moved by your presentation. Our year in therapy never generated this same level of desire for change - Thank you!!!!" 

     Name withheld by request