Frustrated parent Positive Behavior Support Mindful Parenting Parents Teachers ADHD Oppositional ODDTherapy

"I LOVE My Children...

...but sometimes I get SO frustrated with them and feel like I'm about to lose my mind!"

If you can identify with this statement in any way, then you most likely are:

  • A living, breathing human who experiences an expected range of emotions


  • Someone who spends enough time with children to have those emotions tested to their limits!

Learning To Navigate The Behavioral and Emotional Challenges

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver, we all have days where our limits get tested and our "buttons" feel more easily pushed.

While these challenges and feelings may be unavoidable at times, the ways in which you choose to manage and model your responses while under the influence of powerful emotions...well, that IS within your control. So the question is:

Do you allow those feelings to hijack your ability to make rational decisions and eventually make things worse?


Do you take an active role in managing those difficult emotions (as best you can) in order to model appropriate behaviors and nurture an environment for success for your children?

Staying "Cool" When Behaviors Heat Up a powerfully informative webinar-style* course discussing the importance of managing difficult emotions as part of every positive behavior support plan.

In less time than it takes to watch an episode of your favorite sitcom (without commercials), you can learn:

  • An improved understanding of the context and conditions that set the stage for all behaviors

  • A ready-to-use approach for transforming behaviors by “lowering the emotional temperature” in the home

  • Timeless, research-based principles that will continue to nurture positive behaviors and family relationships for MANY years to come! 
Frustrated parent Positive Behavior Support Mindful Parenting Parents Teachers ADHD Oppositional ODDTherapy

An Investment Of Minutes For Tools That Last A Lifetime!

*The video content in this mini-course was originally delivered by Dr. Brett as part of a webinar sponsored and hosted by our friends at The College Blueprint.

Meet Dr. Brett

Dr. Brett Patterson, founder of the Behavior Compass Academy, is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 25 years experience working with challenging behaviors. In addition to providing therapy and parent-coaching services through his Orange County based private practice (Progressive Interventions), Dr. Brett also routinely serves as a consultant, developing prevention/early intervention programs and providing behavior support trainings with professionals in the commercial, non-profit and education sectors. Over the years he has provided more than 200 training and speaking engagements at local, state and national levels. When he is not developing or delivering positive behavior support services, Brett is at home trying to “practice what he preaches” with his two young daughters and wife.